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WEB design projects

GDS Cumbria (www.gdscumbria.co.uk) is a garage door business in Cumbria. The opening page has a monthly changable offer. The contacts page allows customers to submit their door measurements, thereby reducing the number of enquiries that require a site visit. The site uses Google analytics to analyse traffic to the site from Google Ads and other forms of advertising. This is all managed by BowesComputing

RebarCAD (www.rebarcad.co.uk) is a leading Reinforced Concrete design company, who needed a major update to their WEB site to keep in contact with their customer base

www.horsman.info/cv1/ is a rudimentry site to demonstrate the use of the NET or Intranet to hold IT Network records for a NHS Foundation Trust. It is best viewed using Internet Explorer, as part of the site is generated from MS Visio

www.iley.org.uk is a site to currently display the wedding photographs from Mr & Mrs Iley's wedding. Its future use maybe to include information on Mrs Iley's Mini bus business

www.jln-art.co.uk is a WEB site for renowned North East Artist / Photographer Josie Nichol. The site uses the latest HTML5 techniques. It also incorporates 'Buy it now' buttons for sales via PayPal

www.ormesby-travel.co.uk Is a site for Middlesbrough based mini bus hire company Ormesby Travel. The contacts page features a unique feature to book bus hire using dates and times. This has genterated a lot of business



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